On 20th September, Emma will sing during a Corona Remembrance service in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands, together with pianist/organist Matthias Konijnenberg, pianist Peter van Veen, and lyre-player Mariƫtte Burm.

The ceremony has been organized by the Dutch Protestant Church together with Arum Funeral Care. During the lockdown in spring and early summer, the number of people attending funerals was heavily restricted, which often gave a bleak and sombre feeling to the occasion. Now that more people are allowed to gather together, the church and the undertakers wanted to give people the chance to look back on the lives of those who passed away during the lockdown.

The ceremony is therefore open to people from all religions and of no religion. It is led by the minister, Hester Smit.

To apply for a place, please contact Arum Uitvaartverzorger on 071 572 00 76.

For more information (in Dutch), please click here.