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Liszt’s “Via Crucis” with Willem Brons

Willem Brons, pianist © Molenaar Photography

Together with the Justinus Ensemble and pianist Willem Brons, Emma will sing in Liszt’s “Via Crucis.” This performance will be broadcast on the Dutch TV channel Sleutelstad and on Emma’s You Tube channel.

“Via Crucis” was one of Liszt’s later works. Composed during a retreat in a monastery, the work is a musical depiction of the fourteen stations of the cross. The piano part, which will be realized by the internationally-acclaimed pianist Willem Brons, is much more contemplative and fragile than Liszt’s flamboyant earlier works.

Saturday, 3rd April, 2021, 13:00, Hooglandse Kerk, Leiden, the Netherlands, 13:00: online via this link.

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Vivaldi’s ‘Stabat Mater’

On Good Friday, Emma will perform Vivaldi’s ‘Stabat Mater’ (RV621) with organist Willeke Smits. Vivaldi’s setting was composed in around 1727 is beautifully contemplative. The performance is part of the morning prayer of the Leidse Binnenstadsgemeente.

Friday, 2nd April, 2021, 10:00, Hooglandse Kerk, Leiden, the Netherlands: online via this link.

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Mandy Thursday

Emma will join flautist Maryse Kuipe and organist Marcel van Duyvenboorde in the Bethelkerk Kerk in Scheveningen for the Maundy Thursday service. The repertoire includes ‘Erbarme dich’ from Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.

More information about the live stream can be found on the church’s website.

Thursday, 1ste April, 2021, Bethel Kerk, Scheveningen, the Netherlands, 19:30

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‘Mirroir de Peine’ by Hendrik Andriessen

Photo: Harrie den Hertog

On Palm Sunday Emma will perform Hendrik Andriessen’s “Mirroir de Peine” with organist Willeke Smits in the Hooglandse Kerk.

‘Mirroir de Peine’ (‘Mirror of Suffering,’ 1923) consists of five short songs for voice and organ. The lyrics are poems by Henri Ghéon in which Mary observes and reflects on the torture and death of Jesus. The music is expressive and depicts the tenderness, the pain, and the acceptance of Mary.

The vespers, led by minister Margreet Klokke, can be viewed for one week after the broadcast.

Sunday, 28th March, 17:00, Hooglandse Kerk, Leiden, the Netherlands: online via this link.

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Wim Witvliet, a 100-year old Dutch veteran

It was an honour to sing at the funeral of the 100-year old Dutch Veteran Willem Witvliet earlier this week.
Mr. Witvliet fought in the Slag om de Residentie in Leiden, the Netherlands, at the start of the Second World War; a battle which helped ensure that the Dutch royal family could escape safely. To my knowledge he was the last surviving veteran of this battle.
Mr. Witvliet marched past the Cenotaph on British Remembrance Day and joined the famous parade in Wageningen on Dutch Liberation Day. He also joined the tours of the Stichting Nederland-Amerika. His family requested me to sing “How Great Thou Art,” which I had sung at the immense American Cemetery, Margraten. It was a very special moment, for the veterans gradually joined in and their voices filled the chapel. Here is a video.
Every day until the end, Mr. Witvliet practised walking in his garden because he hoped to join the march past the Cenotaph this November.
Rest in peace, Mr. Witvliet, and thank you for your service.
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Waitangi Day

Emma joined the Waka Gezelschap of the Royal Student Rowing Scoeity Njord for their Waitangi Day commemoration.

In 2010, two Māori waka (canoes) were brought to Leiden. Their wharewaka (boat house) is on the grounds of the National Museum of Ethnography. The Waka Gezelschap are the permanent crew of the two waka, who protect their cultural integrity. The crew have been trained in hakas, waitas, and of course paddling. In pandemic-free years, they have attended the commemorations at Waitangi and joined in the paddling.

For more information (in Dutch), please click here.

The Waitangi Day commemoration, which took place online this year, was attended by the New Zealand Ambassador to the Netherlands, Lyndal Walker.

E iti noa ana nā te aroha.

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World Rugby Memorial

Emma was asked to provide music for remembrance at the World Rugby Memorial. Together with the Justinus Ensemble, she recorded the rugby song “The World in Union.” The video features photos of First World War soliders who were rugby players and footage from the Army Navy rugby match. The producer was Peter Breedijk.

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