Emma BrownDecember is a busy month for Emma, with concerts and performances across the Netherlands. These include the expat pantomime at The Hague’s Theatre Royal, an International Military Christmas Tattoo and solo performances with various choirs. She will also sing to a private audience of disabled children as part of the Christmas Tattoo.

5th December, 14:30, 19:30 – 'Beauty' in the pantomime “Beauty and the Beast,” Theatre Royal, The Hague
6th December, 13:30 - 'Beauty' in the pantomime “Beauty and the Beast,” Theatre Royal, The Hague
11th December, 20:00 - soloist with the Scheveningen Kerkkoor, Bethelkerk, Scheveningen
12th December, 22:00 – guest solist at the International Military Christmas Tattoo, Holiday Inn, Leiden
17th December, 08:00 - guest soloist at the Ronald McDonald Business Breakfast, Leiden
18th December, 20:00 – soloist with the Leidschendam Kerkkoor, Kruisheuvelkerk, Leidschendam
19th December, 20:00 – soloist with Con Amore, De Dom, De Lier
20th December, 20:15 – soloist with the Leidse Cantorij, Hooglandse Kerk, Leiden
24th December, 22:00 - soloist in the Salvation Army Christmas Eve service, Salvation Army, Leiden
25th December, 10:00 – soloist at the Christmas morning service in Delft, Nieuwe Kerk (venue tbc)