Anne Frank
Source: Wikimedia Commons

On 5th May, 2020, the Dutch celebrate seventy-five years of liberation since the Second World War. Together with guitarist Luc Groen, pianist Huub de Vriend, and the Rev. Margreet Klokke, Emma will participate in a live broadcast for Dutch liberation day.

One of the most famous Dutch citizens of the Second World War was a young girl called Anne Frank. Whilst in hiding in the secret annex, she wrote in her diary that she wanted to become a writer. She is now one of the most internationally-read Dutch writers. Alas, she did not live to know this: she died in Bergen Belsen in 1944.

Anne Frank lived in a much more severe lockdown. In spite of this, she found some sense of inner freedom.

The Rev. Margreet Klokke has organized a beautiful programme about Anne Frank and her diary, including readings by Dutch girls of the same age.

The programme will be streamed on at 13:10 on Tuesday, 5th May.

Please note, the main spoken language will be Dutch.