Emma’s motet “Mater Tenera” is now available from Edition HH. The editor writes:

Mater Tenera (‘tender mother’) is an intimate six-part motet which would enhance any Advent or Christmas service or choral programme, and would also be suitable for Marian Feasts. The piece is characterized by haunting, lullaby-like motives and harmonies, evoking light coming out of darkness.

This motet was inspired by the children’s rights campaigner Christina Noble, who wrote that ‘one person is enough to make a difference.’ Christina grew up in severe poverty and lived on the streets of Dublin. After a recurring dream, she visited Vietnam and began to care for street children. Today, the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation has helped raise over a million children and adults from poverty.

The video about is the Justinus Ensemble, conducted by Brian Fieldhouse. Producer: Peter Breedijk.