Leiden city carillonRecital with carillon

Leiden City Hall Square

Tuesday, 2nd September, 18:00

On Tuesday, 2nd September, at 18:00, Emma will give a recital from the square outside the Leiden City Hall. This concert has an unusual twist, for she will be accompanied by the carillon (city bells) in the clock tower, played by carillonneurs Levina Pors and Henk Veldman. The local press has advertised this event thus: “Mezzo-soprano takes on City Hall carillon.”


The City Hall carillon is no small opponent. It has 49 bells, the heaviest weighing 5,500 kg. It can be heard across the whole city, chiming a different tune every quarter hour during the day. It is a much-loved icon of the city of Leiden.


Emma’s recital is the first time the carillon that will be used to accompany a singer in a solo recital. This is a high-profile public experiment to show the possibility of using the carillon as an accompanying instrument. The repertoire is therefore broad, including Bach, Handel, Hahn, Grieg, and some musical theatre.


The concert is organised by the Leids Carillon Genootschap together with the city council.