Emma is delighted to present the Dutch première of Thomas Hewitt Jones‘s and Matt Harvey‘s “Can you hear me?” together with the Justinus Ensemble and pianist/conductor Brian Fieldhouse.

Written to raise awareness of mental-health and loneliness issues during lockdown, “Can you hear me?” captures the spirit of reaching out to one another in difficult times.

This performance was recorded live in the Hooglandse Kerk in Leiden, the Netherlands, without an audience. The film, produced by manager Peter Breedijk, shows the aspects of life that have become all too familiar in recent months: face-coverings, hand-sanitiser, empty public spaces, and at the same time we hope it gives you, the viewer, a message of hope. 


If you have been moved by this music, please check out this website and consider purchasing or streaming the original:


“Can you hear me?” is published by Stainer and Bell and is available to download here.

Solo voice and piano: https://stainer.co.uk/shop/y359/

Choir and piano: https://stainer.co.uk/shop/y360/

Proceeds from the original single and sheet music are being donated to mental health charities.