The Justinus Ensemble recorded Emma’s latest composition, Mater Tenera, which is dedicated to Christina Noble. The lyrics are based on the Gospel of St. John and were translated and corrected by Yuri Robbers and Brian Fieldhouse.

The composition will be published in 2021 by Edition HH.

In tenebris lux lucet:

una persona, nisi una sola, saepe satis est.

In tenebris lux lucet:

et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt.

Gratias tibi, mater tenera.

Luceat lux tua, nunc et in saecula.

A light shines in the darkness.

One person, just one, is often enough.

A light shines in the darkness,

and the darkness does not overcome it.

Thank you, gentle Mother.

Let your light shine,

now and evermore.

Text: from John 1:5, translated by Yuri Robbers and Brian Fieldhouse. Dedicated to Christina Noble.